# Contribution guidelines

  1. You may want to check TODOs on open issues (opens new window) (not assigned).

  2. Create a new branch with the name of your proposal:

    • If you're already a collaborator, prefer to create a fix/*, feat/* or docs/* branch on official repository;
    • If you're not a collaborator yet, fork the repository and create the branch;
  3. Clone and setup the monorepo:

git clone [email protected]:{user}/storefront.git
cd storefront
npm i
  1. Edit source files and test changes locally:

    • npm run serve to serve the entire template;
    • npx lerna run [email protected]/{pkg} serve to call specific tests for some widget or UI package;
    • You may also want to edit test files at @ecomplus/{pkg}/__tests__/ folder;
    • Documentation should be at @ecomplus/{pkg}/docs/ folder and you can test it running Vuepress (opens new window) with npm run docs:dev;
  2. Commit following Conventional Commits (opens new window);

  3. Ensure you're respecting JavaScript Standard Style (opens new window) and Vue Style Guide (opens new window);

  4. Open a new PR (opens new window) to master (latest version) or v*-dev branch;

  5. Congrats! Just wait a little for our review and merge.

Thanks in advance 😄