Default transactional email templates for E-Com Plus stores


The @ecomplus/transactional-mails package provides a list of methods to render email templates with received data.

Each method render a specific template, all of them returns a promise that pass HTML markup on success.

const transactionalMails = require('@ecomplus/transactional-mails')

transactionalMails.templateName(data, lang, themeColor)
  .then(html => {
    // HTML is a string
  .catch(err => console.error(err))


  1. Clone the repository:
git clone [email protected]:ecomclub/transactional-mails.git
  1. Move to folder and install dependencies:
cd transactional-mails
npm i
  1. Run dev server on http://localhost:3000/:
npm run serve
  1. Add or edit templates on folders views / scss and dictionary on i18n folder;

  2. New templates must also be added to src/index as exported lib method;

  3. Update jsdoc generated documentation:

npm run doc
  1. Commit changes following Conventional Commits;

  2. Release and publish:

npm run release
git push --follow-tags origin master && npm publish